Speedometer with time series (Excel chart shop x2503)


Speedometer with time series If I had to get rid of a chart forever, I would probably choose the speedometer. It is a metaphor taken too far, a waste of premium screen real estate, and it tells you very little. That said, too many people like it and changing their minds [...]

Silhouette area graph (Excel chart shop x6002)


Silhouette graph Depending on your data, silhouette graphs can be very effective and aesthetically pleasing. A silhouette graph usually displays the profile of change over time. This example uses an area chart, but other chart types can be used. (30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. Pay securely with your Paypal [...]

Cycleplot with bars(Excel chart shop x6003)


A cycleplot with bars I love cycle plots. When is comes to displaying change over time they are much better than a standard line chart when there is a strong seasonality. The other version of a cycle plot available in the Excel Charts Shop is the standard one. The seasonality becomes [...]

Dotplot comparing two series (Excel chart shop x3031)


Dotplot comparing two periods Dotplots are nice alternatives to bar charts: they are much lighter and in many cases detecting a pattern is easier because the chart is much less cluttered. A frequent issue with dot plots is that, when comparing two periods, growth and decline are not obvious. The reader [...]

Scatterplot with marginal distributions and quadrants (Excel chart shop x5008)


Scatterplot with marginal distributions and quadrants Scatterplots can be used for making a vast library of chart types. They can even be used to make scatterplots! (self-deprecating humor: I almost forget the standard scatterplot) This chart shows how to setup criteria to split a series in two, it displays their marginal [...]

Single-chart cycle plot (Excel chart shop x6001)

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Single-chart cycle plot I love cycle plots. When is comes to displaying change over time they are much better than a standard line chart when there is a strong seasonality. The problem with cycle plots in Excel is that they almost require multiple charts, one for each panel. I complain about [...]

Pictorial bar chart (Excel chart shop x3041)


Pictorial graph Pictorial graphs are fun, so it means they are very ineffective and should never be used for serious data visualization. Let's leave this disclaimer, just in case. Now, I can think of many cases where you could use use a chart like this (many include kids, but not all). [...]

Square four-fold chart (Excel chart shop x1011)


Square four-fold chart Four-fold charts are interesting to represent a 2 x 2 table. Weight loss for people following diet A vs diet B and exercise vs  no exercise is a common example of when to use four-fold charts. They can be square or round. If you can't find the round one [...]

Hemisphere pictorial graph (Excel chart shop x1007)


Hemisphere pictorial graph Hemisphere pictorial graph are a standard way of representing the number of members of parliament/congress where each dot represents a single person. Consider a four-party parliament with 600 seats. You can use a doughnut chart to display the four data points, or you can represent the 600 seats [...]

Pie chart with cumulative ring (Excel chart shop x1004)


Pie chart with ring of cumulative values Pie charts should be used wisely (=almost never) but from time to time they can be useful, especially if we take advantage of its best feature: an easy way to display cumulative values. Adding a ring displaying the cumulative value is a way of [...]