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Charts: Monthly Unemployment Rates by State 1976-2009

By | June 18th, 2009|Categories: 11 Chart types: change over time, 13 Chart types: profiles, Chart Types|Tags: , , |

Here are two ways to display a relatively large dataset, montly unemployment rates by state since 1976. The first one, above, is perfect to see the overall patterns, the range from the lowest to the [...]

Here's How the Unemployment Rate Sounds Like

By | April 23rd, 2009|Categories: 14 Effective design, Design|Tags: |

Do you want to know how the unemployment rate sounds like? Copy this string: 65536,32768,16384,16384,16384,4096, 4096,2048,1024,1024,256,128,64,16,4,2 and paste it into here (right-click, past). Now the Dow Jones Index: 2,4,4,2,2,32,32,16,64,1024,2048,4096, 16384,65536,32768,16384 All together now: 65538,32772,16388,16386,16386, 4128,4128,2064,1088,1024,2304, 4224,16448,65552,32772,16386 [...]

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