Information visualization: frequently asked questions

New to information visualization? Let me give you some quick answers to frequently asked questions. What is a chart? Just open your eyes and an amazing amount of data is immediately funneled into your brain. This data is processed in real time and makes possible your interaction with the outside world. Shapes and patterns emerge … Read more

Minard, Tufte, Kosslyn and Godin (and Napoleon)

Do you prefer the full report:   Or the executive summary? For Tufte’s fans, Minard’s map plays a central role in Tufte’s iconography, and the way he praises it (“best statistical graphic ever”) is quoted endlessly (974 results in Google as of today, to be precise). Tufte discussed The Map in his first book (The … Read more

Are charts really useful for decision-making?

For many of us this is a provocative question. Haven’t Tufte, Few, Cleveland and many others proved that, beyond reasonable doubt? Isn’t there a prosperous industry based on the obvious usefulness of charts and information visualization? Is everyone wrong? Let me play devil’s advocate here. A large majority of charts you’ll find in the corporate … Read more

Charts to understand the world (and understand the charts)

Charting, information visualization, business visualization, graphic literacy, dashboards, bad charts, good charts. How to do, why don’t do. Plus Excel and other tools. These are the topics you will find in this blog. That’s a promise. Although this is the beginning of a new blog, I’ve been writing about these things for the last 10 … Read more