Displaying relationships between variables

Chart redraw: Troops Vs. Cost (Time Magazine)

Time Magazine published a very boring combo dual-axes chart with a broken scale. Most of the time these charts beg for a connected scatterplot, so I made the one above. The original chart was something like this: I'm sorry, Time mag,  but my chart tells hands down a much more interesting story. [UPDATE] Made a new, annotated version. [...]

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Chart: Education vs. GDP in Europe

(click to enlarge) I have a single and very simple resolution for 2013: make more charts. Simple charts, just to play with the data. Here is the first one. I like scatter plots with a time dimension, even though data points often look like drunken sperm. When you plot education and wealth in Europe, you always get a chart like [...]

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10 x 10 tips to improve your (Excel or not) charts: the scatter plot

This is the time for scatter plots in the 10 x 10 charting tips series: A scatter plot is square by definition (I forget that sometimes...); In some cases, it makes more sense to use a scatter plot than two column charts: for example, instead of having a column chart to display product market share and another chart to display [...]

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Geo-scatterplot or the poor man’s GIS

This is an Excel scatterplot. Each point is one of the 4200 Portuguese civil parishes. The green point shows the active parish and the red ones some parishes that may have a similar profile. Of course, if you select a different parish the red set also changes. I like this idea of displaying geographic coordinates in a scatter plot and [...]

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