Are Excel Charts Hurting Your Business? 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid.

Are Excel charts, and Excel in general, a commodity, with no competitive advantage? Only if you want it to. Why? Because a vast majority of users: Have the data analysis skills of a toddler (or less); Can’t go beyond chart defaults; Functions? They know how to click the SUM() button; Don’t know what a dynamic … Read more

Excel Charts: If It Isn’t Broken…

I humbly accept our business visualization reality: 90% of all business charts are created in Excel and most business users are unwilling to learn yet another application and go through all sorts of hassles (data management, compatibility issues, file sharing) just because a different product offers a bigger chart gallery and some obscure defaults no … Read more

Using Google's Motion Chart to visualize population trends

In my Demographic Dashboard I have a scatter plot that shows the trend towards an aging society. Today I wanted to test the new Google Chart API and the Motion Chart with the same data set. The chart displays the old dependency ratio against young dependency ratio. It clearly shows the shift from high ratios … Read more

Excel Dashboards: do you need VBA?

Do you need VBA to create an Excel dashboard? Should you take the plunge and go beyond Excel formulas? Well, I think you should, but feel free to disagree. Charley Kyd, commenting on my review of his e-book, disagrees: As a consultant, I visited too many clients where an Excel user had written some macros, … Read more

Excel dashboards according to Charley "ExcelUser" Kyd

If you google for “Excel dashboards”, 6 out of the first 10 results link to Charley Kyd’s ExcelUser website or some of his affiliates. MrExcel calls Charley Kyd “the king of Excel dashboards”. There is a good reason for that. Three years ago, Charley Kyd published an e-book, Dashboard Reporting with Excel, probably one of … Read more

Excel, Crystal Xcelsius, dashboards and domain names

Funny story… I was playing with domain names today, trying to register names for future projects like “”. Unfortunately, this is already taken. And who owns it? Business Objects, the makers of Crystal Xcelsius (remember my Xcelsius dashboard series?). Type (I refuse to add a link) and you’ll be redirected to the xcelsius home … Read more