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Get off my shoulders, said the giant

Dear Stephen Few I'm writing this assuming that my book Data at Work was one of the targets of your post “Data Visualization Lite”. If that is the case, thank you for spending some of your time reading the book. When I started my humble blog, never in my wildest dreams I though that would happen. And now you say [...]

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Data at work: a data visualization book for Excel users

There are three things I pay attention to when I see people making charts in Excel: #1: Aesthetics. We, Excel users and other mere mortals, aren't artists or graphic designers, and although we should be aware of the role of aesthetics in our work, we can't let aesthetics define it. We don't have the right skills, and when we try [...]

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Two datavis book deals

A while ago I had this idea of asking Alberto Cairo to read the ebook I was planning to self-publish on my site. I asked Alberto because obviously he is one of the most respected experts in the datavis community as a whole but also because of practical reasons: the book was written in Portuguese and he is one of [...]

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The structure of a data visualization book

There is no one-size-fits-all datavis, but most books are written from a very generic or a graphic design perspective, Stephen Few’s books being one of the exceptions [update: should have also mentioned Naomi Robbins's book]. So, I decided to write an unsexy entry level data visualization book for the illiterate and artistically challenged spreadsheet user (I also wanted to know if I [...]

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My Personal Data Visualization Library

There are many approaches to data visualization. Take well-know authors like Tufte, Cleveland, Ware, Few, Bertin or McCandless. There is some overlap, but they all approach data visualization from a different angle. That's great news for you: this means that you can come up with a unique point of view that reflects your interests and needs. I suppose the books [...]

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Help me Find International Data Visualization Blogs

We all love Edward Tufte (perhaps too much), but if you want a more consistent and articulate data visualization theory you must read the French cartographer Jacques Bertin. And did you know that one of the best (and remarkably unknown) data visualization experts is Rolf Hichert, from Germany? Unfortunately he isn't eager to share his ideas in English (and if you [...]

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Will you Help Me Write a Data Visualization E-Book (and Win a Free Copy)?

I'm writing an e-book, kind of "101 Data Visualization Questions You Were Afraid to Ask", and I'd really appreciate your help. You just have to submit your data visualization question(s) using the contact form on the right (feel free to add additional suggestions or comments). The best 101 messages win a free copy of the e-book. And there may be [...]

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God and Moses? The Differences Between Edward Tufte and Stephen Few

I have a confession to make: my past is paved with chart-making sins, including some capital ones (yes, 3D pie charts, too). But years ago I saw the light in Edward Tufte’s The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and since then I’ve been avoiding eye-candy temptations. Now I do my best to pursuit the path of data visualization virtue. Every [...]

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Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling was here in Lisbon today, for one of his remarkable presentations. It seems that almost no one in the room new about his TED talks and, of course, everyone loved his charts. He gave his presentation in Portuguese, so some extra points there too... If you just return to planet Earth and don't know who Hans Rosling is [...]

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