The 3 min datavis

I wanted do have something special for my students. And I don’t like wasting training time explaining how to make a chart. So I decided to record several dozen videos showing how to make charts in Excel and called them The 3 min datavis. What is so special about it?

  • Most of the videos will be no more than three-minute long.
  • Vertical video for comfortable viewing on a smartphone.
  • Consistent look & feel

I’ll share a list of available videos soon.

Comments, suggestions?
(Yes, there are a few pie chart variations.)

2 thoughts on “The 3 min datavis

  1. For very simple charts this might be useful, but without audio narration some things might be hard to follow especially if people are using different versions of Excel and can’t quite follow the specific steps you are doing. If you don’t want to do audio, perhaps then add a simple step by step. Ex. Remove legend, Link title to cell value, etc.

    I think the main messages I took from the above video are probably the messages you want to focus on overall:

    * Excel defaults aren’t very good
    * With some basic editing that doesn’t take much time you can significantly improve them

    Learning which edits to make of course requires learning some data viz and design principles, but as many have noted those can be learned over time. Examples help.

    Can you post the list of graphs/videos you are thinking about making?

    PS. I’m loving your book. I’ve read half of it already, jumping around to different topics that spark my interest. I’m very happy and impressed that all examples are in Excel. This week I studied your bullet chart how-to that you posted online. Very useful. Thanks for generously sharing. Obrigado.

  2. Marco, thanks for your comment and for your kind words about the book. I already have the video files for several charts and now I’m starting the painful editing process. I’ll add subtitles explaining what is going on, and I’d like to add narration too, if people think there is some added value to it. I want to add a quick context (what it is used for) in the first seconds, but I’m not happy with the current solution.

    The plan is to start with a basic chart and show some variations (e.g. line chart with a reference band), so there will be many charts. I’ll have to cheat in some of them to keep them under the three minute mark, but I’m sure if a chart has 12 series people will not want to see me change the color of each of them.

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