Universal Chart Maker for Excel

The Universal Chart Maker for Excel is a sign system that helps you learn how to make charts in Excel using wordless, visual instructions. There are 50 charts in the e-book and more are planned.

[Bonus file #1] Horizon chart in Excel: the horizon chart is one of the best charts to display change over time of multiple entities. It’s not easy to make in Excel, but now you can do it! You can make your own chart or paste your data into the example provided. (Wordless instructions available soon.)



Wordless visual instructions mean that you don’t have to be fluent in English or any other language to learn how to make multiple Excel charts.

  • Just like traffic signs, most icons in the sign system are self-explanatory and other less so. Their meaning is written in four languages in the e-book (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish) and more will be added to this Google sheet.
  • Multiple intermediate charts help you stay on track.
  • Check product images for a display of all charts available.

With your purchase you get the e-book (a PDF file) and an Excel file with the data tables (the data is mostly random but will help you practice using the same data used in the PDF.) You will also get updated versions of this ebook.