Bullet charts: an easy way to make them in Excel [Data at Work series]

(All the Excel charts in my book are available for download, but I promised to write tutorials for a few of them. This is the first one.) Name: Bullet charts What it is used for: to display key performance indicators. Use them to replace speedometers if you want a more compact visual that can be stacked to better compare KPI. Also, speedometers [...]

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Easy way to make bullet charts and boxplots in Excel

[Update: I wrote a tutorial on how to make bullet charts] I am sure I'm missing something here, but I don't understand why making bullet charts and boxplots have to be so overly complex in Excel. Instead of messing around with bars and scales and secondary axes, a 1D scatterplot can be used to make both charts. I've been using [...]

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New! Excel 2007 Dashboard Online Tutorial

OK, I'm very please to announce that ExcelCharts.com members area is now open and a new online Excel 2007 dashboard tutorial is available. Go ahead an open a free account: the first two modules are available there and more free stuff is coming soon. As promised, current users will get free access to this course. Know more about the dashboard [...]

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Better Color Palettes for Your Excel Charts [Video Tutorial]

You need a better color palette for your Excel charts, but you are a mere mortal and your artistic skills are less than stellar. Hell, you can't even choose the right tie for a suit! So, what do you do? (hint: watch the video below) Maybe we could ask Edward Tufte for advice. In Envisioning Information, he writes: What palette [...]

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How-to screencasts: Population pyramids in Excel

Screencast: How to create a population pyramid in Excel. I am a big fan of screencasts, as a regular reader of this blog may have already noticed. They are great at showing how to use a tool to get something done and they are the best companions for tutorial (e-)books. This hypotetical regular reader might also guess from my previous [...]

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