My Skillshare channel

I recently started a Data visualization channel on Skillshare where I’ll be publishing how-to classes and other data visualization content. Follow me on Skillshere if you want to know about the new classes and promotions!

Data visualization for non-designers and other mere mortals.

If you want to make effective and nice charts using office tools like Microsoft Excel, and have no formal graphic design skills, this introduction to data visualization is for you. Learn more

Pie charts are OK (-ish). How to use them. Hoe to make them.

No chart type generates more discussion than pie charts. Learn how to fix misconceptions and how to make pie charts in Excel, Datawrapper, Flourish and PowerBI. Learn more…

My ebooks

The Universal Chart Maker are the first wordless instructions manuals to make charts in Excel and Tableau. If you are not fluent in English or for some reason don’t like to follow written instructions, with these visual instructions you can make great charts that go beyond the Excel charts library and Tableau’s Show Me. Get the bundle here.

Wordless instructions to make charts in Excel
Wordless instructions to make a chart in Tableau

Here are some examples of charts that you’ll learn to make using Tableau.

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Horizon charts in Excel [bonus file]

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