I’m Leaving my Day Time Job

Yes, I'm leaving in May. Things (economy-wise) don’t look pretty, and leaving a steady job may seem unbearably self-indulgent. So, why I’m I doing this? Yes, I was unhappy, and yes, money is important too. But there’s something else. Tom says I have a mission. Well, I don’t take myself that seriously, but I do want to find and share [...]

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Members Area Update

Regular readers know that I'm updating my Excel dashboard tutorial and making it available online in a protected area of excelcharts.com. In exchange for their feedback, current users will get free access to the updated tutorial for Excel 2003 and also to the new Excel 2007 version. This is something I’ll be working on throughout the year of 2010 (and [...]

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How Can I Help You? My Plans for 2010

Big changes in this blog for 2010! First, since slightly more people search for “Excel charts” than for “Jorge Camoes” I decided to accept reality and move the blog to a new domain name, from charts.jorgecamoes.com to www.excelcharts.com/blog/. Also, the blog will be hosted on a more reliable host, and will get a serious face-lift. excelcharts.com: Excel Charts for the [...]

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One Year

And so the first year went by. I'd like to thank everyone that reads and contributes to the blog. I learned a lot with you last year (and I hopefully I gave something back). Now, let's see what the future brings.

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I Like Google Chrome, but…

I just downloaded Google Chrome, played a little and I must say I like it. It is very clean, so it goes well with my idea of information visualization. If I were a IE user I would probably make the switch, but for serious browsing you can't beat Firefox+extensions. If a portable version is made available in the near future [...]

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Meet me Here

I'll be here for the next 15 days. Great beach, air temperature and water temperature around 25ºC (77ºF), perfect for everyone that hates hot weather and cold water (that would be me). Best of all, I'll be able to use my mobile internet connection...

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Charts: The first three months

I am writing Charts for three months now, and I'd like to share with you some stats, some thoughts, some expectations and plans for 2008. First things first: thank you. Thanks for reading and commenting, thanks for linking, thanks for buying the dashboard. Thanks for sharing your time. So, basic stats: 30 posts, 150 daily visitors, 200 subscribers. A large [...]

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