Get a Clown Suit, Instead

Why do people insist on using “professional looking charts” in their presentations? If I wanted to divert the audience’s attention from the data, I would get a professional clown suit, instead. I would look professional. Not exactly the professional-looking presenter people expect in a corporate environment, but nevertheless a professional. Meet professional-looking Mr. and Mrs. … Read more

The consultant’s chart: a dilemma

How do you sell your outrageously expensive consulting services? Simple, just add a chart… Not every chart will do, of course. Let me outline some basic design rules of what I call a “consulting chart”: It shouldn’t be recognizable as a standard chart that you could create in Excel; It shouldn’t use popular eye-catching design … Read more

Car dashboards: a broken metaphor for executive dashboards

Some metaphors are really stupid. Convincing people that running a company is like driving a car and you need a similar dashboard is one of them. If you are naive enough to buy it, most dashboard vendors will happily fill up your precious screen real estate with irrelevant gauges and and speedometers designed to look … Read more