Demographic Dashboard Lookup Edition

Become the Dashboard Master in your organization.

Take your dashboards to the next level with advanced lookup and aggregate functions!

Excel dashboardI know what you are thinking: “that’s not an Excel dashboard”. Well, it is an Excel dashboard, and if you follow this tutorial you will learn how to replicate it. Then you can use that knowledge to design an even better looking dashboard: your own.

The Lookup Edition of the Demographic Dashboard is a step-by-step video tutorial that takes you from a blank sheet to a fully functional dashboard. You will learn how to use advanced Excel formulas like OFFSET() or DSUM() and, unlike the VBA Edition tutorial, you do not have to leave the familiar Excel environment and you do not have to write a single line of code.

How it works

A 14-module course that shows you every single step I took to create the dashboard above. This dashboard contains:

  • Forms that allow the users to interact with the data;
  • How to use an Excel database;
  • Dynamic charts that change when the data changes (based on user selections);
  • Advanced Excel functions like OFFSET() and INDIRECT() or DSUM();
  • More than two hours of video;
  • The Excel dashboard itself;
  • The external data source.

Now, while you learn how to make Excel charts like a pro, you can apply these best practices to your dashboards. Get access to two dashboard tutorials, more than three hours of step-by-step videos that will help you unleash your creativity and create great dashboards using Excel. And you also get access a growing number of bonus files that you can explore and use to improve your Excel skills.

(Two dashboard courses only $97.00. 24-month access to the tutorials, 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. Pay securely with your Paypal account. You’ll get a message from Amazon with a link to your gift a few hours after your purchase.)

The course is right below, let’s get started!


The Demographic Dashboard Lookup Tutorial

Each of the images below links to the page modules. If you need to login first, use the form in the page footer.

00 Course Overview [LKP]

Welcome! Glad you are here. This is the Demographic Dashboard – Lookup Edition. Unlike the VBA Edition, this do not require you to write code or record macros. Your goals…

01 Defining Regions [LKP]

Overview and Goals for This Module In our course we are using a population data set. It contains population data by country, sex, age and year. Countries belong to several,…

02 Creating Regions [LKP]

Overview and Goals for This Module Now that we know how to select a subset from a larger list, let’s now automate it. In the previous module we defined ActiveRegion,…

03 Adding Data [LKP]

Overview and Goals for This Module In an organization, having an Excel file that is not connected to the formal information structure is a bad practice and should be avoided….

04 Creating Filters [LKP]

Overview and Goals for This Module There are many ways to sum filtered values em Excel: you can use SUM() (the array formula variety), SUMIF(), SUMPRODUCT(). You can also use…

05 Creating a Population Pyramid [LKP]

Overview and Goals for This Module After defining the filters for the DSUM() function, it is about time to actually implement it. Then, we’ll create our population pyramid. This is…

06 Making a Scatterplot [LKP]

Video Tutorial I: The Data Source   Transcription Welcome to module 6 of the Demographic Dashboard Lookup Edition. Today we are going to create a more complex table that we’ll…

07 Create a Line Chart [LKP]

Transcription Welcome back! This is module 7 of the Demographic Dashboard Lookup Edition – Making a Line Chart Part 1. Today we are going to prepare a special data source…

08 Create a Top Ten Table [LKP]

Transcription Welcome to Module 8 of the Demographic Dashboard Lookup Edition. Today we are adding a table to our dashboard. It’s a simple table: 10+1 countries (the active country), total…

11 Adding a Map [LKP]

Transcription There are some creative ways to add a simple maps to your excel dashboard. In the ExcelCharts blog search for a tutorial on how to make a map using…

13 Resources [LKP]

Here Are the Files You Need… This module contains the dashboard and the Access database: This module contains the resulting dashboard, the Access database and the first version of the…