13 Resources [LKP]

Here Are the Files You Need…

This module contains the dashboard and the Access database:

This module contains the resulting dashboard, the Access database and the first version of the tutorial, created using Excel 2003.

This is the Excel dashboard: Download the Excel Dashboard

This is the Access Database: Download the Access Database

This is the Access Database for Access 2002-2003: Download the Access 2003 Database

If you don’t have Access, instead of a blank sheet start with this one:  Data for Lookup Tutorial. This is just the data. Please watch the videos about connecting to Access, because you still need to add named ranges and formulas.

… and some bonus

These are files I have to tutorials for, but you may like to explore them.

1. Demographic Dashboard VBA-Free Edition: Download the VBA-Free dashboard

2. Growth of Walmart: Download the Walmart Dashboard for Excel 2010. Contains the Excel dashboard, the Access file and odc files.