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The Excel Chart Shop

Excel chart templates for all your data visualization needs

Welcome to the Excel Charts Shop! Here you’ll find fun/serious/sophisticated/simple but often unusual Excel charts that you can use in your projects. Just get them and adapt them to your data and needs.

I’ll be constantly adding new charts, so don’t forget to check back often (I’ll post new charts on Twitter so you may want to follow me :)). And if you don’t find the chart you want, just let me know. Each template is only USD $9.99, and look what you get with that:

  • Time: you save hours trying to figure out how these charts are made ( I did that for you);
  • Convenience: Like you, I love finding free resources online, but having a place I can return to and get what I want is, well, priceless.
  • Learning Experience: these are not black boxes, they are regular Excel charts that you can explore (there is a text in every file explaining how the chart was made), and make it a rich learning experience.
  • Awesome and effective: Impress your boss or your clients with your charts. Just don’t tell tell them you made these charts in Excel!
  • Believe in Excel:  Not everyone knows/believes Excel can be used as a proper data visualization tool. I’ve been fighting this perception for almost 10 years now, and frankly it would be nice to make the Excel Charts Shop a success story (help lots of people, change perceptions).
  • File: Ah, yes, you get an unprotected Excel file with a chart that you can play with, change and adapt to your data and needs. A text explains how the chart works and how it was made.
  • Getting stuck? No problema: This is not entry-level stuff, but I can help if you get stuck.
  • VBA / Excel versions: VBA is not used, so you don’t have to mess with code. All were tested on Excel 2013 / 2016 for Windows. Let me know if you need a version for Excel 2010.

How to buy:

  • Select a template and click the link on the flipbox.
  • You’ll find an Add to Cart button on the dedicated template page.
  • You’ll be redirected to your Paypal account and buy safely from there.
  • When finished, you’ll be redirected again to a download page.
  • You get 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee.
  • Note that when buying from Excelcharts.com you are accepting the Disclaimer section in the About page (standard stuff, but please read it).