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Now, while you learn how to make Excel charts like a pro, you can apply these best practices to your dashboards. Get access to two dashboard tutorials, more than three hours of step-by-step videos that will help you unleash your creativity and create great dashboards using Excel. And you also get access a growing number of bonus files that you can explore and use to improve your Excel skills.

I’m and updating the dashboard tutorials to better reflect what I wrote in my data visualization book and to take advantage of Excel 2013 and 2016. To mark this I’m giving the Kindle version of my book away to new users. Hurry! Grab one of the remaining digital copies! Kidding, but this campaign will not last for long. Seriously.

(Two dashboard courses only $97.00 and a free electronic copy of my book. 24-month access to the tutorials, 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. Pay securely with your Paypal account. You’ll get a message from Amazon with a link to your gift a few hours after your purchase.)

Better Data Visualization

These dashboards are free from 3D pie charts, speedometers and other stupid and useless effects. If you want to know why they are bad for business please read the blog, you'll find many reasons. A good chart can dramatically improve the way you use and make sense of your data. Always apply the best practices and visualization principles when designing your dashboards.

What Users Say

In less than half an hour, I have learned more than I ever imagined with your dashboard, and that is the start. Thanks you so much, and yes, the price is really nothing compared to what you get.
Great job. It has helped me get a dashboard project off the ground in record time. Thanks!
… indeed it is a great work.
I accidentally discovered your site and I am super impressed. I am a data analyst at e-commerce company and am looking to streamline automate reports for executives. I am trying to expand my understanding of excel and building up my repertoire so to speak and I realize that pivot tables and VBA are key. The demographic dashboard is an excellent learning tool for people like me who are looking to learn the “integration” bit by example. And, your example is extremely clean and non-convoluted. So thank you, I am looking forward to learning a lot from your site and tutorials.
Rachana Mukherjee
The challenge is not so much in the Excel techniques (well, only a little 😉 ), but it is more in the creativity and empathy of the dashboard designer. Thanks Jorge, for your brilliant solutions!
Chris Capel
If you’d like more tips on creating better and more understandable charts, Jorge Camoes’ Charts blog offers his insights on data visualization.