Rules of the House

Subscribers and e-mail privacy

Blog subscribers will get links to free files, the blog posts and announcement messages from time to time. I usually don’t post more than three times a week, so I will not fill up your Inbox. The subscriber list belongs to this blog only and will not be shared (there is no fine print).


I will not link for money. This means no ads, no paid links, etc. Exceptions:

  • There may be ads for my own products;
  • Amazon affiliate program: I am storing my recommended reading in the Amazon widget on the right. The book must be relevant to the blog topics;
  • Affiliate programs for products that I would recommend anyway: there may be (disclosed) links and a small ad;
  • Affiliate programs for off-topic products: there may be a specific page for off-topic affiliate programs (my web host, my web analytics etc.) but no ads and no links;

For more details on the monetization policy please read the “About the Blog” page.

Commenting policy

Try to be nice and add to the discussion. Don’t spam. If you want to promote your blog/site/product make sure you are doing it right. I don’t think I have the right to edit your comment, but I have the right to remove it. New readers will have their first comment held for moderation.