How Can I Help You? My Plans for 2010

Big changes in this blog for 2010! First, since slightly more people search for “Excel charts” than for “Jorge Camoes” I decided to accept reality and move the blog to a new domain name, from to Also, the blog will be hosted on a more reliable host, and will get a serious face-lift. Excel Charts for the Masses, with a Twist

Discussing data visualization 101 is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. We can’t complain about how low graphic literacy is, and how bad business charts are, if we don’t help people to understand that:

  • Good data visualization can improve their (professional) lives;
  • F11 is not a data visualization key;
  • Excel is good enough to learn and apply best practices within a business environment.

I believe that shifting focus from my name to what the blog is about will help me reach more people, but I will not make a tips & tricks blog. I’ll keep discussing data visualization in general and how its principles can be applied using Excel.

The New Members Area

Blogs are great for tips & tricks, but they are less well-suited for a more consistent learning. That’s why I’m adding a new members area using a different platform. All the new tutorials will be published there. There will be free tutorials (everything that I would publish here will remain free) but also some paid content, like my Excel Dashboards Tutorial.

More Content

For a data visualization blog, there should be more charts around here. That’s something that I must address. I’m also planning to:

  • Write more entry-level content;
  • Share more often what I read and like online;
  • write product reviews.

Have your Say

Will you help me shape the path of this blog in 2010? Please add your suggestions below.

2 thoughts on “How Can I Help You? My Plans for 2010”

  1. Jorge
    I agree, is DEFINETLY better than For us novice & andvanced excell users frustrated by poor dashboards and cumbersome worksheets (like you once were), unless I already know who Jorge Camoes is and what s/he does, I’m afraid I won’t be as much interested in as I would be in

    This is because:
    1. When I start browsing the net, (at South African Broadband rates) I am definitley frustrated and probably cannot get help from my go to “expert”
    2. I come here to learn and aquire practical tools to enhance my productivity.
    3. I cannot afford to waste resources (time & money) on hit and miss, trial & error approaches of purchasing downloads of trial software and reviewing it.

    I therefore need quick, straightforward (yet detailed) how to explanations and/or demonstrations of ways I can solve my specific problem, NOW.

    Product reviews like the one you did with Crystal Xcelsius come in very handy. I now know that I should probably not waste my time looking that way for what I want to achieve. Thanks to you.

    I therefore look forward to the new format since I’m hoping it will have both the general guidelines in terms of how to approach data visualization using Excel as well as quick, straightforward (yet detailed) how to explanations and/or demonstrations of ways I can solve my specific problem, NOW.

    The latter part is disappointingly missing from your current format.

    Ta, Hope this helps
    Man T (SA)

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