Excel Game Changers

You can learn a lot from an expert, but a game changer challenges your believes and assumptions and, at some point, that’s exactly what you need to move forward. Creative destruction. I love it. Let me tell you about three of my personal Excel game changers. Jon Peltier Well, I don’t have to tell you … Read more

Want to Improve Your Excel Skills? Learn Access

What if you love Excel for all the wrong reasons? What if its flexibility creates nothing more than a glorified mess? What if you start neglecting the skills that truly matter? Every formula in Excel is an accident waiting to happen. Sometimes, a parameter is missing, sometimes it points to the wrong cell, sometimes you … Read more

New! Excel 2007 Dashboard Online Tutorial

OK, I’m very please to announce that ExcelCharts.com members area is now open and a new online Excel 2007 dashboard tutorial is available. Go ahead an open a free account: the first two modules are available there and more free stuff is coming soon. As promised, current users will get free access to this course. … Read more

Excel Charts: If It Isn’t Broken…

I humbly accept our business visualization reality: 90% of all business charts are created in Excel and most business users are unwilling to learn yet another application and go through all sorts of hassles (data management, compatibility issues, file sharing) just because a different product offers a bigger chart gallery and some obscure defaults no … Read more

Can Too Much Excel Harm your Career?

You can learn Excel and spend more time with the kids, but Ian comments that: I have found that I have ended up doing many things that other should have done – even if it took them longer. Being great at Excel slows promotion through management ranks – delegate and show what a manager you … Read more

Shocking Revelation: Excel 2007 is Useless

Excel 2007 is useless. This was a shocking revelation when I tried to create the charts for last post (Chart Design: Abortion Ratios 1980-2003). It was my first serious attempt at using Excel 2007. I failed miserably and gave up. I had to do everything in Excel 2003 and then open the file in Excel … Read more

Learn Excel, Spend More Time with the Kids

I love to spend time playing with my three-years old twins, and I wholeheartedly want to create for them the memories of a happy childhood. This is something that I can’t delegate, and if I don’t have the time, I’ll have to find it. They will not wait to grow up. Stupid time wasting at … Read more

Poll: Do you use VBA in your Excel files?

I just added a poll to the sidebar on the right (RSS readers might need to visit the site to see it). I’d like to know if you use recorded macros or write VBA in Excel. I ran an informal poll among friends and colleagues with catastrophic results and I’d like to compare results. Please … Read more