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Excel Dashboard Tutorials

If you want an Excel tip, there are countless sites where you can find them. But you need more than that. You need a place where you can find structured knowledge, where you’ll learn how things work together and why. A good Excel dashboard teaches you how to use your data, how to select and implement the right techniques and how to make better charts. A dashboard project improves your data analysis, Excel and data visualization skills.

A while ago I started the Demographic Dashboard step-by-step online video tutorials, where I show you how, using a single data source, you can make very similar dashboards using very different sets of Excel techniques.

  • VBA Dashboard Tutorial (available): The VBA Edition uses pivot tables and some VBA to glue them together. Don’t worry: you just need to record some simple macros, you don’t have to be a programmer to do it right;
  • VBA-Free Demographic Dashboard (coming soon!): Learning simple macros can really leverage your skills, but if macros are off-limits for you, this VBA-Free dashboard may be exactly what you need. A single pivot table is the power horse behind this dashboard. No macros, a nice pivot table and some lookup functions;
  • Demographic Dashboard Lookup Edition (coming soon!): Do you want to avoid two of the most powerful tools in Excel, macros and pivot tables? OK. This dashboard uses a simple table and retrieves the data using several lookup functions. Can’t be simpler!

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