Get off my shoulders, said the giant

Dear Stephen Few I’m writing this assuming that my book Data at Work was one of the targets of your post “Data Visualization Lite”. If that is the case, thank you for spending some of your time reading the book. When I started my humble blog, never in my wildest dreams I though that would … Read more

Stephen Few at InfoViz 2007

Stephen Few shares with us his capstone presentation that he delivered at InfoVis 2007. If you follow his newsletter or his blog (you should) there is nothing really new but, if you don’t, this is a good summary of his views regarding information visualization. I’d like to comment a few points. Knowing how to use … Read more

Visualizing change with Stephen Few

Well, I must say I am a bit disappointed with the September issue of Stephen Few’s Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter. It discusses an important but much neglected topic, visualizing change through animation. Few’s paper was written for SAS Institute, and uses JMP, a statistical analysis product from them. From the screenshots, I wouldn’t say I … Read more