A year ago I wrote a post about the circumplex chart and how consulting firms use charts to increase their price tag. Not all charts, mind: only the ones that the average user don’t recognize from the Excel charts library.

Funny enough, I got several messages from consultants asking how that chart was done. So, in the spirit of the silly season, and just before I leave on vacation to a place no data visualization expert will ever find me, I’ll tell you how. Watch the video tutorial:

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As you can see, this is a basic doughnut chart… You know, doughnut charts don’t deserve their bad reputation. They are very flexible, and you can use them as pie-charts-on-steroids or as a basic framework for the circumplex chart and other similar charts (you can also make a speedometer, but please don’t). Of course, pies and doughnuts are not real food, so you should not expect much from their namesake charts, either.

Here is the spreadsheet (xlsx).

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