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The drunken speedometer: the most dangerous chart alive

I have a soft spot for bad and seemingly hopeless charts and graphs. All they deserve a second chance, so I try to help them out of the gutter. The other day, I was roaming the dirty alleys of El Dorado Hills (don't ask) when I saw it. The speedometer. Few charts are strong enough to endure so much rejection, and the [...]

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The 3 min datavis

I wanted do have something special for my students. And I don't like wasting training time explaining how to make a chart. So I decided to record several dozen videos showing how to make charts in Excel and called them The 3 min datavis. What is so special about it? Most of the videos will be no more than three-minute [...]

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Etiquette for scientists

You are a brilliant scientist and you just made an amazing discovery. You want to announce it to the world. So you prepare a few slides and decide to use that cute font, Comic Sans. After the presentation you realize that, although people praise you for your discovery, a very vocal minority mocks you for using Comic Sans. After a [...]

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Get off my shoulders, said the giant

Dear Stephen Few I'm writing this assuming that my book Data at Work was one of the targets of your post “Data Visualization Lite”. If that is the case, thank you for spending some of your time reading the book. When I started my humble blog, never in my wildest dreams I though that would happen. And now you say [...]

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Bullet charts: an easy way to make them in Excel [Data at Work series]

(All the Excel charts in my book are available for download, but I promised to write tutorials for a few of them. This is the first one.) Name: Bullet charts What it is used for: to display key performance indicators. Use them to replace speedometers if you want a more compact visual that can be stacked to better compare KPI. Also, speedometers [...]

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Suddenly, the colorful lollipop turns into a dangerous match

It surprised me. And it shouldn't. You see, there is nothing wrong in using data for the sole purpose of creating aesthetically pleasing visual objects. On the other hand, if you want to make sense of the data, and communicate your findings, it’s easy to argue that effectiveness should be your primary goal. This is the general model. Too black & white. When [...]

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Write your own data visualization stylebook

A long time ago I tweeted about the need for everyone in the data visualization community to write a book. I wasn't joking: if you only tweet or write a few posts, you can't possibly comprehend the lay of your own data visualization land, how deep the rabbit hole goes, the ________________ (choose your own metaphor/cliché). It doesn't have to [...]

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The cave

Stephen Few and Alberto Cairo (Alberto is the host, that's why he doesn't say much) And now let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened: --Behold! human beings living in a meeting room, which has a projector with a Powerpoint presentation always turned on; here they have been from their childhood, and have their [...]

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Excel vs. Tableau vs. PowerBI

If you are an Excel user, are you aware of how flexible it is? Do you really take advantage of this flexibility when making charts? You can simply enter a few values and some (almost) random cells and visualize them. You can add empty rows or use dummy variables. When it comes to formatting, you can format at the data point [...]

Data at work: a data visualization book for Excel users

There are three things I pay attention to when I see people making charts in Excel: #1: Aesthetics. We, Excel users and other mere mortals, aren't artists or graphic designers, and although we should be aware of the role of aesthetics in our work, we can't let aesthetics define it. We don't have the right skills, and when we try [...]

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