Charts to understand the world (and understand the charts)

Charting, information visualization, business visualization, graphic literacy, dashboards, bad charts, good charts. How to do, why don’t do. Plus Excel and other tools. These are the topics you will find in this blog. That’s a promise.

Although this is the beginning of a new blog, I’ve been writing about these things for the last 10 months in my other blog, BizViz. BizViz is written in Portuguese, so you probably missed it. If you want to read some great posts (really!), mutilated by the automatic translation, feel free to check it.

(This brings about a new subject, English. I am not fluent in English, and I’ll prove it to you several times in each post. But I think I have something to tell that I don’t find anywhere else and I want to share it with a broader audience and, specially, with you… Hopefully you will find the content interesting and useful and you’ll do your best to forgive me for those mistakes. I’ll do my best to minimize them.)

You can expect from this blog a balanced view between the academic that discusses the “why” and the pragmatic that tells you “how-to”. And also the good reader of your comments.

I’ll share with you some projects that I am working on. They can be a great opportunity to grow together.

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