Part 1: The Beginning

I just downloaded the trial (full-featured) version of Crystal Xcelsius Professional 4.5. This is a typical dashboard solution from a leading vendor and, although Stephen Few doesn’t like it I decided to buy it.

Well, on one simple condition: by the end of the trial period I must have a working Crystal Xcelsius version of my Demographic Dashboard. Or, at least, a screenshot of what could be a Crystal Xcelsius version of the Demographic Dashboard. This version should display the same amount of data than the Excel version and include similar or better charts, in a single screen. Fair enough?

This will be fun.

(Please, pleeeease, is there anyone that knows that this is a waste of my precious time because it just can’t be done? If so, speak now or forever hold your peace.)

So, let’s get started…

Part 2: Demographic KPI

Demographic Dashboard Gauges

Wow! My very first gauges… These are great alternatives to the boring row of demographic KPI in the Excel version of the Demographic Dashboard. But this is the easy stuff. Let’s add the population pyramid.

To be continued…