Highest Mountains, Deepest Trenches, and a Doughnut

Highest mountains and deepest trenchesA while ago something broke inside me. My deepest held beliefs were shattered. I started drinking again. Absinthe. I love absinthe. 69% ABV.

It started when I saw it. A glorious pie chart displaying growth rates. Growth! At first, I couldn’t believe it. I took off my glasses. Yes, growth rates. In a pie chart. I had to try it. Unemployment rates. Growth rates above 100%. Apples and oranges. Trends. Pies, pies, pies. And absinthe.

Now I’m playing with doughnuts. Mountains and trenches, from the Wikipedia. I don’t like it. It murmurs. Too much signal. I want pure noise. Maybe a 3D effect can help. I’ll try again.

Bye, Tufte. Bye, Few. Bye, Bertin. I’m almost free.

Oops. April 1 is almost over. Back to business then.


4 thoughts on “Highest Mountains, Deepest Trenches, and a Doughnut”

  1. Don’t worry, Jon. You are a poet. You just use your imagination in a more, hummm, imaginative way. Excel charts instead of words. What’s the difference?

  2. Love the chart, it is possibly the most spectacularly debatable representation I have seen in years. It reminds me of running the 400 meters at school.

    In its defence it is at least legible, but that makes it all the more questionable.

  3. Amazing chart. I never seen before.Such type of chart is really make wonderful impression

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