Ready to conquer the world!

Yes, I’m leaving in May.

Things (economy-wise) don’t look pretty, and leaving a steady job may seem unbearably self-indulgent. So, why I’m I doing this? Yes, I was unhappy, and yes, money is important too. But there’s something else.

Tom says I have a mission. Well, I don’t take myself that seriously, but I do want to find and share my own data visualization voice. I already hear something. It may be:

This blog has 15k subscribers and I constantly get great feedback from the dashboard tutorial. I must be doing something right, and I must give myself the chance of finding how far the rabbit hole goes:

  • How much am I able to learn and apply?
  • How good am I at sharing that knowledge?
  • Can I make a living out of my data visualization projects? (No, I don’t want to be rich).

So, as soon as I leave the company, I’ll:

  • Try to be a better and more active member of the data visualization community;
  • Read, digest and write a review of all the books on my shelf;
  • Add more content to this blog;
  • Create a real data visualization learning center out of the members area.

Over the last two years, I was frequently asked about my consulting services. I was also invited by some start-ups to join them. Unfortunately, I was unable to accept. With a full-time job and four year old twins at home (another full-time job), while trying to build a blog, I’d be spreading myself too thin. That will change in the near future, but slowly.

There are many “I” in this post, but it’s really about you. You made this post possible. I will never forget that. Thank you!

Photo: My son Lourenço, ready to conquer the world.