Members Area Update

Regular readers know that I’m updating my Excel dashboard tutorial and making it available online in a protected area of In exchange for their feedback, current users will get free access to the updated tutorial for Excel 2003 and also to the new Excel 2007 version.

This is something I’ll be working on throughout the year of 2010 (and beyond) and I’d like you to help me. That’s why I’m extending the free subscription period to December 31 (instead of a  fixed three month access). You will also be eligible for a 50% discount when buying other courses. These are the good news I’d like to share.

I’m opening the members area this month. I actually wanted to open it today (Feb. 1). Unfortunately, some issues remain to be solved (I wasn’t happy with WordPress as an e-learning environment so I had to switch, and the IE6 completely messes up the current template). I think I’ll be able to solve these issues shortly. I’ll let you know when everything is ready.

Why don’t you take advantage of this delay and become a charter member while I fight the goddamn browser?  To become a charter member you just have to get the current dashboard tutorial. Click here to get it now (you may want to read Chandoo’s review first – read the comments also).