The Best Pie Charts Come From Germany

Best Pie Chart Award
(clean and balanced. Your perception may not be great at comparing angles, but who cares?)


2th Place
(also nice, but too many slices, and I don’t like the title around the pie)


Lateral Pie-Thinking Award
(well, perhaps someone just messed up the template)


Designer’s Pie Charts Award
(data? what data?)


Seth Godin’s Pie Chart Award
(“makes an obvious point, no nuances“)


Consensus Pie Charts: The Venn Pie


Consensus Pie Charts: The Line Pie


Consensus Pie Charts: The Bar Pie


Flash Gordon Pie


We Try Harder Award


10 thoughts on “The Best Pie Charts Come From Germany”

  1. Definetly,

    Germans at good at pie chart ! Loved the “Seth Godin’s Pie Chart Award”
    Happy Birthday to your terrific blog.
    I hope we can read it for a long time more !

    Muito obrigado Jorge.

  2. ROTFL — Hilarious! Holden (Australia & New Zealand) have a pie chart with a web 2.0 3D appeal and a picture in the background that obscures the actual data. See here.

  3. Hi Jorge,

    I was directed here by Liz Strauss as you and I both won on her “That Brand New Blogging Feeling Contest.” I can’t wait to see the slide show this weekend.

    I’m intrigued by your site and plan to return and learn some stuff. I recently wrote a post “Grownup Back to School: Make Fall a Time to Reorganize Your Virtual Backpack and Pencilbox” and advised “Learn three things about Excel that you continue to do the long/hard way because you’re too busy to learn the shortcut (yes, I’m talking to myself here.)” I am very guilty of just getting by, and plan to change that soon.

    Best wishes,

    Mary Pat

  4. Charming post.

    BMW just has strange label placement. B is for Blue, W is for White. The M’s are the tiny line in between–I might have left them out. Steven’s Power law does not seem to cover these…

  5. Thanks all for adding those great examples!

    @Fabrice: I hope to be here for a long time too… Thanks.
    @Mary: I thought “well, these kids must start earning something…” (you’ll see).
    @Ute-S: Some of the best information visualization in Europe also comes from Germany. I wonder if there is a link to all those pies…

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