Uncommon knowledge about pie charts

I’d like to answer or comment on search queries that bring readers to my blog. Here are some of them involving pie charts:

What is the usefulness of pie chart in research?

Research found that many pie charts resemble Pac-man.

Pie charts of the american revolution

They go very well with the Powerpoint version of the Gettysburg address.

How to make excel pie charts look good

In “Format data series” set Area to “None” and Border to “None”.

Why are pie charts better than bar charts?

A perfect example of wrong assumptions.

What is diffence between 2d pie charts and 3d pie charts?

If it is thin ‘n’ crispy then it is 2D.

Finding accurate pie chart angles

Consider getting the OCA 30, it is really accurate. I use it all the time.

Founding fathers of the pie chart

Given the roundness of a pie, there must be a mother involved also.

Pie chart of communists

Shouldn’t you use a vanishing point instead?

Pie chart maker that looks like pie

I really don’t know; that’s one of those secrets that passes from mother to daughter.

Make a pie graph with 53 or more slices

I know we are facing recession, but shouldn’t you order some more pies?

All parts of a pie chart should add up to what?

Usually 100%, but if you use 53 or more slices I would say 843%.

Pie chart for multiple intelligence

This is an oxymoron.

World war one deaths on pie charts

Is it not enough that they are dead?

How to create a pie chart excel for stupid people

I will refrain from comment on this one…

Have a nice weekend!