Will you Help Me Write a Data Visualization E-Book (and Win a Free Copy)?

I’m writing an e-book, kind of “101 Data Visualization Questions You Were Afraid to Ask”, and I’d really appreciate your help. You just have to submit your data visualization question(s) using the contact form on the right (feel free to add additional suggestions or comments). The best 101 messages win a free copy of the e-book. And there may be some surprise prizes for the best 10.

You can submit your messages until June 30. There are no specific guidelines because I’m trying to avoid my own bias. You can ask basic questions or be as creative and as challenging as you like.

This goes beyond the e-book. It’s a great opportunity for me to get feedback from you and shape the blog to your needs. So, go ahead and ask a question!

3 thoughts on “Will you Help Me Write a Data Visualization E-Book (and Win a Free Copy)?”

  1. Yes, I had almost 200 questions, and very good ones too! Lots of books and articles to read before trying to answer to all of them…

  2. Hi,
    About “Will you Help Me Write a Data Visualization E-Book”. If it’s not to late I suggest that you write about excel and how to publish i.e a pivottable on the √≠nternet. In Excel 2000 it was easy but in XL2007 it seems that Microsoft wants us to use Sharepoint server. And the Microsoft Office Web Components are uninstalled when you install XL2007.

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