An Holiday Gift for You: Excel Dashboards Online Tutorial

Guift the Excel dashboard tutorial

Do you want to know how to create an advanced Excel dashboard? Do you want to learn it online? Then I have great news for you: I’ve been working on a web-based version of my Excel dashboard tutorial and it will be available soon. Better yet, it will be available for free for all current users.

Here’s the deal: get the current tutorial before February 1 and you’ll be granted a full three-month access to the online version. And I’m not just making the current version available online. I’m redesigning the dashboard and creating two different Excel dashboard tutorials, covering both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. And you can use them both.

The Fine Print

Too good to be true, right? OK, here are the (not so) bad news: this is a new project and it should be considered in beta stage. As a charter member you must be aware that there may be some glitches and some things may need to be evaluated. I may ask for your feedback from time to time. Fair enough? (No, there are no hidden monthly fees.)

I don’t expect thousands of new users but, well, you never know. So, just as a precautionary measure, I’ll have to limit this offer to the first 1,000 new users.

More Bad News

This is clearly an advanced Excel course. When compared to other tutorials, it is (shockingly, I would say) underpriced. The price tag of the online courses will reflect their real value better (this means that it will sharply increase). This is another reason why you should take advantage of this offer now.

Why Should You Buy More than One Copy?

I’m sure you know someone who could benefit from this course. Don’t you think it makes a great holiday gift? Each copy you purchase grants you one access code you can use as a gift.

What Happens Now?

Get the tutorial today. By the end of January I’ll send you the access details, including your access code and instructions on how to use it. That’s it.

(Even if you are not able to get an extra copy, why don’t you share this post with your friends? Use the button below to email them the link. Thanks!)


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2 thoughts on “An Holiday Gift for You: Excel Dashboards Online Tutorial”

  1. Jorge,

    What if I bought the dashboard tutorial in December’09 ?

    Am I also entitled for the new courses that will be available online?

  2. Marcin: All current users (as of Feb 1) are entitled for the new courses, so yes, this includes you too…

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