Excel dashboard competition

Bonavista Systems announced today an Excel Dashboard Competition. Participants stand a chance to win an iPhone, a workshop hosted by Stephen Few and a copy of Few’s “Information Dashboard Design”. Unlike other competitions, there is no data set. You just have to use Excel and MicroCharts, their sparkline generator. You don’t need to buy MicroCharts to enter the competition, just download it and use the trial period of 30 days to create the dashboard (it’s a nice add-in, and you’ll probably want to buy it after you test it).

Let me give you a piece of advice on this. If you are planning to enter the competition don’t send them pie charts, 3D charts or lots of primary colors. Your message will not pass their spam filter and they’ll do voodoo on you for the rest of your life. Keep the dashboard simple and clean and make sure that its purpose is clear.

So, good luck.

4 thoughts on “Excel dashboard competition”

  1. I’m interested in the non-VBA file. This is really neat stuff and I’m just now getting into it. Many moons ago in excel 3 (I beleive) I created a complicated macro routine (not called VBA back then) for calculating social security benefits. ahh, how things have changed. Thanks!

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