How-to screencasts: Population pyramids in Excel

Screencast: How to create a population pyramid in Excel.

I am a big fan of screencasts, as a regular reader of this blog may have already noticed. They are great at showing how to use a tool to get something done and they are the best companions for tutorial (e-)books.

This hypotetical regular reader might also guess from my previous posts that I don’t like the Excel default charts (but who does?); and I prefer less traditional population pyramids.

If you google for something like “population pyramids how-to Excel” you’ll get several links that usually tell you how-to, but the end result is rather basic (some of them don’t even show the final result!). I thought I could show how a population pyramid is done in Excel but at the same time discuss pros and cons of alternative designs.

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  1. Search for “world map Mercator projection” in the Wikimedia Commons. You should get a usable map there.

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