There are many approaches to data visualization. Take well-know authors like Tufte, Cleveland, Ware, Few, Bertin or McCandless. There is some overlap, but they all approach data visualization from a different angle. That’s great news for you: this means that you can come up with a unique point of view that reflects your interests and needs.

I suppose the books you buy are consistent with that view. Let me give you my own example. I try to be pragmatic and business oriented. That’s why there aren’t many design books in my library. On the other hand, I own several Excel, dashboards and presentation books.

So,  after reading Enrico’s last post, The Data Visualization Beginner’s Toolkit I decided to follow Andy Kirk’s suggestion (“as many people as possibly should share what helped them”) and list my entire data visualization library.

Italicized titles are books I have access to, but I should buy them anyway.


Other Authors:




Numbers & Decision Making

Excel & Dashboards