Poll: Best title/subtitle for my datavis book

Here I am, starring at a blank page trying to find a title that maximizes sales captures the true essence of my book. I wish I could choose an arbitrary title like, say, Autumn in Peking or The Squadron’s Umbrella but, hélas!, some people wouldn’t find that funny enough.

So, I need you to help me, please. The book was written for corporate non-designer users, who need to make more effective and compelling visualizations using familiar office tools (here is a draft table of contents). The two following questions split title and subtitle, so the best subtitle may not be the right one for the best title, and vice-versa.

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These are the best ones we could come up with, can you believe it?! So, if you think you can do better, by all means add your suggestion to the comments below. If we choose it, sending you a free copy is the least we can do.


29 thoughts on “Poll: Best title/subtitle for my datavis book

  1. The ones on the top are good. Since, you have asked for other names and after looking at the contents, these are few i have come up with:

    got charts?
    Chart Viz
    Entertain your eyes

    Paint your numbers
    Lets chart them
    Charts and effective way to see data
    Empower yourself (goes with entertain your eyes)

    Hope this helps

  2. Titles
    -Visual Literacy
    -Data to Insights

    -Effective data visualisation guide for everyone
    -Uncover insights through visualisation
    -Communicate your data effectively

  3. Here is my suggestion:

    Title: Chart it up!
    Subtitle: The everyday reference for data visualization best practices.

  4. Love your book concept; can’t wait for publication. (Might you consider a publisher like Apress for people who might want a hard copy?)
    I agree with Sara’s earlier post that including something in the title or subtitle about “using just Excel” is really important so potential users know what they’re getting (and what they’re NOT getting).

  5. Title idea: Deriving Information from Data
    Effective data visualization for the MS/Excel user.

  6. Viz Full of Data: How to make Awesome Charts and Graphs, Even if You’re Not a Graphic Designer

    Dang. I like that one. If you don’t use it, I might have to write it myself. Good luck! Sounds like a much-needed book.

  7. How about: “Real World Data: Effective Excel Charts for the Non-Designer”
    or “Real World Data: A Non-Designers’ Guide to Dataviz concepts using Microsoft Excel”

    Sounds like a book I would be interested in reading!

  8. Great suggestions so far. Thanks everyone and keep them coming!

    A few notes: I don’t want to mislead people into thinking this is a kind of Excel book with tips & tricks. It is not. It was written for the office user because this typically defines a set of skills, tools, technological culture and production processes that differ from, say, the graphic designer or the data journalist.

    Also, I don’t want to use the expression “non-designer” because that usually means a few rules and shortcuts to mimic designer work.That’s not exactly what I have in mind: I believe we can achieve great results in datavis using a different set of skills.

    I’m sure designers will not learn anything useful about white space or kerning in this book, but maybe there are a few things about the data and how to translate it into visuals that can justify the time spent reading it. So I wouldn’t say this book is for non-designers.

  9. Visual Eyes!

    The layman’s guide to visualizing data.

    (ok, “layperson’s”…I’m old as the hills)

  10. Painting with Data – Modern and Engaging Techniques for Communicating Essential Information

    (playing off others who suggested the ‘paint’ theme)

  11. I like ‘Data Visualization for the Real World ‘ as a title, not as a subtitle. Then maybe you could use ‘A Guide for the Rest of Us’ as a subtitle…

  12. Some suggested titles and/or subtitles

    Excell-ence in Data Display

    Data Display and Information Visualization with Excel

    The Data Geek’s Guide to Excel Graphs

    this is my favorite: On Beyond Tufte

  13. Title: Visual Impact
    Subtitle: How to create compelling data graphics

    I do really like “Numberscapes, too” 🙂

    Good luck!!

  14. Who’s your Data?!
    Subtitle: What, When, Where, and How to effectively handle your data.

    What (your data source), When (refreshing the data to keep it relevant), Where (depends on your purpose, i.e. sales dashboard, moral booster, high level conversations with your leadership, etc.) and How (creating a story with data to bring it to life) to effectively handle your data.

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